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Molecular AI

Adding value 💰 to your molecular pipeline 🔥 at all stages

Target Identification

Emoji Math 🧮

Improving your hypothesis and concept generation through novel
✨AI✨ representations

Explore Chemical Space

Molecular Dream💭

Generate novel molecules with ✨AI✨-powered
molecular generator



Browse the internet to find SMILES with
✨AI✨-powered extension chemhover

Molecule Optimization

Emoji Chem🥳

Gain better understanding of chemistry with
✨AI✨-generated emoji representation of chemistry



Ensure you present the optimal findings
using SVG figures

🎉Perfect Molecule🎉

Executive Team

Thanks to our animal diversity initiative, over 30% of our executive team is feline📈
More than 30 points above the Fortune 500 average😻

Chief Excavation Officer (CEO)

Siggi is in charge of running the company as top-dog. Siggi has good vision — being able to bark at a squirrels from a mile away — and a unique ability to overcome any barriers in his way.

Joined 2021

Chief Meow Officer (CMO)




Oossia is a southern girl: born in Louisiana and raised all over the South. She is a retired snake fighter and has craving for shrimps and Roquefort cheese. She is a seasoned GPU expert.

Joined 2021

Chief Human-Animal Resource Officer (CHRO)

Candou can fabricate problems out of thin air and involve everyone in the organization to solve them. Candou is in charge of all human and animal resource matters, especially multi-party dispute resolution.

Joined 2021

Chief Fluff Officer (CFO)




Pakora is a rescue dog trained in getting belly rubs. His other job involves keeping @tiwarylab members safe from squirrels, skateboards, motorcycles, angry reviewers and dangers of all kinds.

Joined 2021

Chief Laying Officer (CLO)




Fermion the coton is a highly qualified professional that brings many skills to the table, including booping, bopping, and hoop hopping. 90% fluff and 80% attitude, Fermion increases impact, efficiency, and shredded bits of napkin everywhere.

Joined 2021

Chief Infurrmation Officer (CIO)

Ava has a strong background in algorithm development, and designed algorithms for early steam-based computing machines to compute the Bernoulli numbers. She also just got a haircut.

Joined 2021

Chief Borf Officer (CBO)




Beniamino is a wrecking ball of fluff that spearheads community development and employee satisfaction. Beniomino has a business acumen honed in the tough business environment of Central Park.

Joining 2022

Chief Sniffing Officer (CSO)

Duffy is in charge of sniffing out new business opportunities (and also, new treats). As a puppy Duffy studied materials science and engineering and even helped humans with this invited article in MRS Bulletin

Joined 2021

Chief Observing Officer (COO)




Pookie keenly observes a diverse workforce including insects, lizards, and squirrels. Like a good leader, she has the ability to follow from the front. She has impeccable sartorial tastes. She is always donning a tuxedo.

Joined 2021

Chief Toys Officer (CTO)




Alf supervises the cable management in the company's offices. He tests and maintains the shielding of cables by daily chewing. Alf is highly agile and solution-oriented, with the solution often being a new can of cat food.

Joined 2021

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